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Dreamweaver MX Level I


Class Date: March 8, 2005
Call 847-543-2747 to register by phone.
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Platforms offered: PC and Macintosh

Course length: 1 day

Overview: Students will be introduced to the basics of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX.

Prerequisites: To ensure your success, you must have a basic understanding of your computer's operating system. For example, you should know how to launch an application, create and save files, open files from within the application, and copy files from CDs and other media.

Benefits: After completing this course, students will be able to create Web sites that include frame-based pages, tables, graphics, and links.

Target Student: This course is designed primarily for new or prospective Web designers who want to use Macromedia Dreamweaver to create Web sites.

What's Next: After completing this course, students can take the Dreamweaver MX: Level 2 course.

Performance-based objectives

• Students will learn basic concepts about the Internet and the World Wide Web, identify the basic issues concerning proper site design, and navigate in the Dreamweaver work environment.
• Define a site in Dreamweaver to organize and maintain the web pages
• Create a basic web page
• Enter text and apply character and paragraph formatting
• Use Site Panel to create and organize files and folders
• Insert images, set image properties
• Create and format tables
• Add links within a site
• Create anchors
• Specify external links
• Use images as links
• Create image maps.
• Build a frame-based set of pages.
• Upload a site to a remote Web server.

Dreamweaver MX level 1 course content

Lesson 1: Internet Access and HTML

Internet Access and HTM
Planning Web Sites
The Dreamweaver Environment
Viewing and Managing HTML Code

Lesson 2: Creating a Web Site

Defining a Web Site
Creating a Basic Web Page
Page Properties

Lesson 3: Building a Web Site

The Site Panel

Lesson 4: Adding Content to Web Pages

List Formats
Images Topic
Templates Containing Repeating Regions

Lesson 5: Working with Links

Links within a Site

Lesson 6: Enhancing Navigation in a Site

Re-Usable Navigation Bars

Lesson 7: Managing and Uploading a Web Site

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Class content may vary dependent on software version number.

Please call for information on older versions. 

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