A Day at the Dog Park

Osa at the dog park on a sunny day 10/10/00
DevilDog DevilDog2 GroundSniffin NaturalOsa NaturalOsa2
Devilog.jpg DevilDog2.jpg GroundSniffin.jpg NaturalOsa.jpg NaturalOsa2.jpg
PathWalk2 RollinInClover Shakin SmilinTrot StandingProud
PathWalk2.jpg RollinInClover.jpg Shakin.jpg SmilinTrot.jpg StandingProud.jpg


Osa At Home

Pictures of Osa at home 10/10/00

EdnOsa1 EdnOsa2 OsaHealthy1 OsaHealthy2 OsaLickin
Ed and Osa1.jpg Ed and Osa2.jpg OsaHealthy1.jpg OsaHealthy2.jpg OsaLickin.jpg
OsaLookinOutside SomberOsa TongueOut WhyMe
OsaLookinOutside SomberOsa.jpg TongueOut.jpg WhyMe.jpg
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