Dog Cancer URLs
Robin's Canine Cancer Files. This is a great resource for information on cancer in dogs. It has info on treatment options as well as information on diet and nutrition. Check out the sections on what's in dog food!

Dog Food URLs
Information on how to read dog food nutrition labels and what to look for in analyzing dog food.
This site gives information on Food and Nutrition and what preservatives are in dog food.
Great site for all sorts of information on pet foods as well as the companies who own the dog food companies.
The nasty truth of what the conglomerates that own the dog food companies are up to. Learn about rendering plants and who actually goes to them! A must visit!

Vaccine URLs
Speaks on the Fort Dodge Lymes Disease marketing campaign and the holes involved with their claims. Very informative.
This is a comprehensive site dealing with vaccines and
their possible side effects.

This site offers information on a condition called, "vaccinosis," which is the fever muscle aches, bone pain, prostration, etc. (malaise) as the result of being vaccinated.

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