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Adobe Illustrator Level I


Class Date: May 4, 2005
Call 847-543-2747 to register by phone.
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Platforms offered: PC and Macintosh

Course length: 1 day

Overview: In this course, you will learn many of the Level that will allow you to take advantage of Illustrator's powerful tools.

Prerequisites:   To ensure your success, you must have a basic understanding of your computer's operating system. For example, you should know how to launch an application, create and save files, open files from within the application, and copy files from CDs and other media.

Benefits:  Students will learn to use the basic features of Illustrator and begin to apply the skills that will help them create complex drawings and type effects.

Target student:  Anyone who is interested in creating either basic or complex illustrations using Illustrator, but who has little to no experience using the program is an ideal student for this course.

What's Next:  Students wishing to continue their training in Illustrator can move on to PWI's intermediate and advanced level courses, titled Illustrator® 10: Level 2 and Illustrator® 10: Level 3.
Certification: Illustrator® 10: Level 1 is one of three PWIcourseware titles that address the Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Program objectives for the Illustrator 10.0 exam. The ACE Program is for graphic designers, Web designers, developers, systems integrators, value-added resellers, and business professionals who seek recognition for their expertise with specific Adobe products. Certification candidates must pass a product proficiency exam in order to become an Adobe Certified Expert.

Performance-based objectives

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Manipulate Illustrator's various palettes and navigate in the Adobe Illustrator environment.
• Create and modify paths using the Pencil, Pen, Erase, and Selection tools.
• Draw and edit geometric objects.
• Apply fill and stroke attributes, colors, gradients, and transparency to objects and paths.
• Use layers to manage complex illustrations.
• Enter and format type in an illustration, and create eye-catching type effects.
• Prepare Illustrator files for print and for Web use.

Illustrator 10 Course Content

Lesson 1: Illustrator Environment

          Topic 1A: Illustrator Environment Elements
          Topic 1B: Navigating in Illustrator

Lesson 2: Working with Paths

          Topic 2A: Vector Graphics and Raster Graphics
          Topic 2B: Drawing Tools
          Topic 2C: Editing Paths

Lesson 3: Working with Objects

          Topic 3A: Using Rulers
          Topic 3B: Creating Objects
          Topic 3C: Editing Objects

Lesson 4: Fill and Stroke Attributes

          Topic 4A: Applying Color
          Topic 4B: Creating Colors
          Topic 4C: Gradients
          Topic 4D: Using Brushes
          Topic 4E: Transparency

Lesson 5: Layers

          Topic 5A: Controlling Stacking Order
          Topic 5B: Organizing Objects in Layers
          Topic 5C: Controlling Layers

Lesson 6: Working with Type

          Topic 6A: Creating Type
          Topic 6B: Type within an Area
          Topic 6C: Copying Type Formatting with the Eyedropper Tool
          Topic 6D: Type on a Path
          Topic 6E: Type Objects
          Topic 6F: Creating Outlines

Lesson 7: Creating Output

          Topic 7A: Printing
          Topic 7B: Save for Web

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Class content may vary dependent on software version number.
Please call for information on older versions.


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