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Adobe Illustrator Level II


Class Date: May 11, 2005
Call 847-543-2747 to register by phone.
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Platforms offered: PC and Macintosh

Course length: 1 day

Overview:   In this course, you will use Adobe® Illustrator® 10 to create dynamic graphics using advanced drawing and editing tools, path editing techniques, filter effects, and masks. You'll take advantage of Illustrator features such as the Transparency palette, live effects, and the Appearance palette to create engaging effects.

Prerequisites:   Prerequisites: To ensure your success, we recommend you first take the Adobe Illustrator Level I class, or have equivalent knowledge of Adobe Illustrator Level 1.

Benefits:  Students will use their knowledge of Illustrator's basic features, in conjunction with new, more advanced techniques, to create even more engaging and dynamic illustrations and graphic effects.

Target student:  Anyone who has experience using Illustrator, but who is looking to learn and employ new techniques for enhancing their Illustrator drawings, is an ideal student for this course.

What's Next:  Students wishing to continue their training in Illustrator can cap their skill set by taking our advanced course, Illustrator® 10: Level 3.

Performance-Based Objectives

Lesson objectives help students become comfortable with the course, and also provide a means to evaluate learning. Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

• Draw with advanced object drawing tools and dynamically change their settings.
• Use advanced path editing techniques such as splitting, duplicating, and simplifying.
• Create and edit exciting graphics using a gradient mesh and blends between objects.
Perform exact transformations to move, rotate, reflect, and shear visually or in precise increments.
Modify compound paths, create compound shapes, and combine paths with the Pathfinder palette.
Convert vector images to raster and apply specialized filters.
Copy and paste live effects, dynamically edit the vector images that use them, and use the Appearance palette to manage the application of effects and styles.
Create layer masks and edit clipping masks.

Illustrator 10 Level 2 Course Content

Lesson 1: Advanced Drawing Tools

          Topic 1A: Advanced Drawing Tools

Lesson 2: Advanced Path Editing

          Topic 2A: Splitting Paths
          Topic 2B: Duplicating Paths
          Topic 2C: Simplifying Paths
          Topic 2D: Aligning Objects
          Topic 2E: Nesting Layers

Lesson 3: Gradients and Blends

          Topic 3A: Gradient Mesh
          Topic 3B: Blends

Lesson 4: Transforming

          Topic 4A: Scaling
          Topic 4B: Rotating
          Topic 4C: Reflecting
          Topic 4D: Shearing
          Topic 4E: Transform Each

Lesson 5: Compound Paths and Shapes

          Topic 5A: Compound Paths
          Topic 5B: Combining with the Pathfinder Palette

Lesson 6: Raster Images and Filters

          Topic 6A: Converting Vector Graphics to Raster
          Topic 6B: Applying Filters to Raster Objects

Lesson 7: Live Effects and Appearance

          Topic 7A: Applying Live Effects
          Topic 7B: Editing Live Effects
          Topic 7C: The Appearance Palette
          Topic 7D: Envelope Distortions

Lesson 8: Masking

          Topic 8A: Layer Masks
          Topic 8B: Editing Masks

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Class content may vary dependent on software version number.
Please call for information on older versions.

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