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Introduction to Quark XPress 4.0 for the PC
Important Dates
Feb. 22, 2002 Quiz Review
Design Review Due!
March 15, 2002
Midterm Review
April 12, 2002
Quiz Review
May 10, 2002 Final Review
March 1, 2002 Quiz 1
March 22 , 2002 Midterm
April 19 , 2002 Quiz 2
Project One Due!
May 17, 2002 Finals
Project Two Due!

Project One

Due Date: April 5, 2001

Point Value: 100

This is the first part of a two part project. In the first projects, students select either a non-for-profit organization or personal company. The students will redesign the organization’s business card and letterhead. You can use a variety of materials (brochures, posters, two-folds), to get inspiration for your pieces.

This is also the precursor to Project Two. Student’s are also required to submit a “design needs statement” for the business card, letterhead, as well as each of the two additional design pieces/ publications due in Project Two.

In this document you will expand on your ideas for various designs for your chosen company or non-profit organization. A design needs statement contains marketing reasons for the pieces. The design needs statement also justifies each design. What are the reasons for the color selections? Why did you choose that font?

What makes each additional piece a good design choice for your company or organization? How will each of the pieces be used within the organization or company? What is the primary message that each piece is trying to convey? What are you doing to convey that message? Why? These are all questions to be answered in your design needs statement.

The design needs statement MUST BE COMPLETED USING QUARK. Please try to apply what you have learned up to now in your design needs statement.

Students are expected to hand in their printed as well as an electronic copy of the project along with the original business card and letterhead. The design needs statement must also be submitted in both electronic and hardcopy formats.

All supporting fonts, pictures etc…should accompany the electronic files, if necessary.
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