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Introduction to Quark XPress 4.0 for the PC
Important Dates
Feb. 22, 2002 Quiz Review
Design Review Due!
March 15, 2002
Midterm Review
April 12, 2002
Quiz Review
May 10, 2002 Final Review
March 1, 2002 Quiz 1
March 22 , 2002 Midterm
April 19 , 2002 Quiz 2
Project One Due!
May 17, 2002 Finals
Project Two Due!

Things you should know
These are just some basic concepts for your review of Chapter 2.

1. What is the XPress Box Concept?
In order to have something exist on your document page, you first need to create a box for it to live in. There are picture boxes and text boxes. They are created using the text box creation tools or the picture box creation tools.

2. What is the Title Bar?
Displays the name of the currently open XPress document.

3. Where is and what is the Full Minimize Button?
The first button in the upper right hand side of the document window. It allows you to minimize your document to nothing more than a short title bar at the bottom of your program window.

4. Where is and what is the Full Maximize Button?
The second button in the upper right hand side of the document window. It allows you to maximize your document to the largest size program window dependent on monitor size.

5. What is the resizing tab?
The resizing tab allows you to manually change the size of the document window. Good for when you have several documents open at one time. May also resize the window from any part of the document window boarder.

6. Where is and what is the Page Number Field?
It is at the lower left hand portion of the document window. It is used to get around from page to page within the document.

7. What is a Dialog Box?
A dialog box is a box that contain tabs, areas, entry boxes (fields), drop-down lists or pop up menus, and various other types of check boxes and buttons.

8. What are the three buttons usually available with a Dialog Box? What does each button do?
OK Button, causes the values entered in the dialog box to be implemented. Apply Button, causes the values entered in the dialog box to be applied without having to commit to the choices. Cancel Button, causes the values that were entered to be ignored as if the dialog box was never touched.

9. What is a Palette?
A palette is kinda like a floating dialog box that can remain open as you work and can be maximized or minimized.

10. What are at least two ways to get from field to field within a palette or a dialog box?
You can click on each field with your mouse. You can click on the palette or dialog field and then press the Tab key on the keyboard to get to the next field or Shift-Tab to go back one field.

11. What is a field?
Fields are the boxes in dialog boxes and palettes that accept numeric values.

12. What is the smallest and largest size that QXP can display?
XPress is capable of displaying pages within a range of 10 to 800 percent (to within one decimal place) of their actual size.

Chapter Two Review Questions.

I have compiled various questions from the assigned reading. The answers to these questions will be posted here during exam time. You may select up to 10 of the questions to answer.

The only stipulation is that ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED USING QUARK. Please try to apply what you have learned in each lesson to your file.

Now if you desire, for one extra credit point each; answer the following:

1. What is the Zoom tool? Why is it used?

2. What is a Thumbnail?

3. What is the Layout Palette? How is it used?

4. What are the two ways to add pages to your document?

5. What does the term Greeking mean?

6. What happens if you Greek Pictures? Why would you want to use this option?

7. What is the Item Tool? Why is it used?

8. What is the Content Tool? Why is it used?

9. What and where is the Rotation Tool?

10. What is Linking? What tools are used?

11. What is the difference between the Pasteboard and the Clipboard?

Internet Field Trips
In order to understand design I have several web sites that I would love for you to check out. They will help you with your Design Review as well as creating your “design needs” document.

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