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Introduction to Quark XPress 4.0 for the PC
Important Dates
Feb. 22, 2002 Quiz Review
Design Review Due!
March 15, 2002
Midterm Review
April 12, 2002
Quiz Review
May 10, 2002 Final Review
March 1, 2002 Quiz 1
March 22 , 2002 Midterm
April 19 , 2002 Quiz 2
Project One Due!
May 17, 2002 Finals
Project Two Due!

Chapter 1 Review Questions

I have compiled various questions from the assigned reading. The answers to these questions will be posted here during exam time. You may select up to 10 of the questions to answer.

The only stipulation is that ALL QUESTIONS MUST BE COMPLETED USING QUARK. Please try to apply what you have learned in each lesson to your file.

Now if you desire, for one extra credit point each; answer the following:

1. What are the default page settings for Quark XPress?

2. How many document windows can you have open at one time?

3. What is an Automatic Text Box and how is it used?

4. Which tool(s) would you use to create a text box manually?

5. What is a Library file?

6. When creating a new document what do the following terms refer to? (For one point per term. Must complete entire question if any are to be answered.)

  • Automatic text box
  • Page
  • Orientation
  • Facing Pages
  • Column
  • Width
  • Height
  • Gutter Width

7. What is a Book File?

8. How do you open a saved document?

9. What is a template?

10. What is the Get Text command and what are the steps involved in importing text?

11. How do you create a picture box?

12. What are the steps to importing a picture?
Select the picture box. Choose file Get picture. Select the file from the dialog box that appears. Click Open.

Internet Field Trips
In order to understand design I have several web sites that I would love for you to check out. They will help you with your Design Review as well as creating your “design needs” document.

Design principles from, from the Non-Designer’s Design Book
More information on the basics of Design
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